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Pre Order Transformers MDLX Articulated Figure Series Thundercracker

Pre Order Transformers MDLX Articulated Figure Series Thundercracker

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Transformers MDLX Articulated Figure Series Thundercracker

Introducing Transformers MDLX Skywarp by Threezero! This redesigned version of the elite Decepticon seeker features the unique power of teleportation, bringing the cruel prankster to life in stunning detail.

Standing approximately 7.8 inches tall (20 cm), Transformers MDLX Skywarp boasts approximately 50 points of articulation and a die-cast metal frame for added durability. Accessories include two interchangeable faceplates, one of which is a newly added creepy face, a detachable wing system, two detachable cannons, two detachable blades, and four pairs of interchangeable hands.

The MDLX series offers articulated figures inspired by Threezero's renowned DLX series but at a smaller scale and a groundbreaking affordable price point. These figures capture the spirit of the original 1980s The Transformers cartoon and toy line, reimagined by Threezero Art Director Kelvin Sau. The iconic designs have been remixed to incorporate Threezero's hyper-detailed mechanical aesthetic, providing a familiar yet exciting new presentation.

Transformers MDLX figures feature Threezero's unique die-cast zinc alloy and engineer-grade plastic frame system, enhancing tactile playability and durability. Each figure is meticulously crafted with detailed craftsmanship and weathered paint application, staying true to Threezero's commitment to quality.

Experience the thrill of the Transformers universe in a new format with Transformers MDLX Skywarp by Threezero!



  • Skywarp figure
  • 2 Interchangeable faces
    • Standard
    • Creepy
  • Detachable back wing system
  • 2 Detachable null-ray cannons
  • 2 Detachable blades
  • 4 Pairs of interchangeable hands
    • Fists
    • Posed hands
    • Holding null-ray cannons
    • Holding blades
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