Collection: Ultraman

Who is Ultraman?

Dive into the exciting world of Ultraman, the iconic Japanese science fiction franchise that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Owned by Tsuburaya Productions, the Ultra Series kicked off with the groundbreaking television series Ultra Q in 1966, paving the way for a captivating journey through science fiction adventures.

As one of the most influential productions in the Japanese tokusatsu and kaiju genres, Ultraman has evolved into a global pop-culture phenomenon, spanning television shows, films, comic books, and various other media publications. With its thrilling storytelling and mesmerizing special effects, Ultraman continues to captivate audiences of all ages.

Join the ranks of the Ultraman heroes as they face off against monstrous kaiju and formidable aliens, defending humanity from imminent threats. Experience the excitement and adventure of the Ultraman series, a true classic in the world of Japanese entertainment.