Collection: Heat Boys

Who is Heat Boys?

Enter the exciting world of Heat Boys, a dynamic toy company that brings beloved licenses to life in a whole new way. With a passion for innovation and creativity, Heat Boys takes iconic properties like Ninja Turtles and reimagines them as powerful and thrilling robots.

Experience the thrill of seeing your favorite characters transformed into cutting-edge robotic warriors, ready to embark on epic adventures and face formidable foes. From Leonardo and Michelangelo to Donatello and Raphael, Heat Boys breathes new life into these timeless characters, offering fans a fresh and exciting perspective on their beloved heroes.

Join Heat Boys as they continue to push the boundaries of imagination and redefine the way we interact with our favorite franchises. With their unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship, Heat Boys is sure to delight fans of all ages with their innovative and exciting toy designs.