Collection: Transformers Masterpiece

What are Transformers Masterpiece

Explore the world of Transformers: Masterpiece, a collector-focused toyline featuring characters from the original Transformers cartoon, reimagined with today's advanced engineering techniques. Developed primarily by Takara/TakaraTomy for the Japanese market, these toys offer unparalleled accuracy and articulation, albeit at premium prices. Distributed by Hasbro in Asian markets and Australia, Masterpiece Transformers often undergo redecoration or retooling for release in other markets, typically as store exclusives. While initially part of other lines, Hasbro began releasing its versions independently with a numbering system akin to TakaraTomy's. By 2015, they were integrated into the Generations line while maintaining their numbering system. Hasbro's versions differ slightly with additional product codes and packaging nuances.