Collection: Megaman/ Rockman

What is Rockman/Megaman?

Experience the iconic beginnings of the Mega Man franchise with the original Mega Man series, also known as Classic Mega Man, which debuted on the NES on December 17, 1987. In this seminal series, players are introduced to Mega Man, initially named Rock (later nicknamed "Mega" in subsequent installments), a robot created by the brilliant scientist Dr. Light alongside his partner, Dr. Wily.

However, treachery strikes when Dr. Wily reprograms the majority of Dr. Light's robots for his nefarious purposes. In a courageous act of heroism, Rock volunteers to undergo transformation into a formidable fighting robot, ready to confront and combat Dr. Wily's dangerous robotic threats. Thus, Mega Man is born, setting the stage for epic battles and thrilling adventures in defense of the world.

Join us as we journey through the timeless legacy of Classic Mega Man, where players take on the role of the courageous blue bomber, facing off against Dr. Wily's relentless army of robotic adversaries in a quest to restore peace and justice to the world.