Collection: Masters of the Universe/ He-Man

What is Masters of the Universe?

Dive into the epic world of Masters of the Universe, a captivating sword and planet-themed media franchise created by Mattel. Also known as the He-Man or She-Ra series, this iconic saga centers around the timeless conflict between He-Man (the heroic alter ego of Prince Adam) and the nefarious Skeletor on the planet Eternia.

Set in a mesmerizing hybrid of medieval sword and sorcery, and futuristic sci-fi technology, Masters of the Universe boasts a vast lineup of memorable characters and thrilling adventures. The franchise extends beyond Eternia with the follow-up series She-Ra: Princess of Power, focusing on He-Man's sister She-Ra and her valiant rebellion against The Horde on the planet Etheria.

Since its inception, Masters of the Universe has captivated audiences worldwide, spawning a diverse array of products including action figures, animated television series, comic books, video games, books, magazines, and even feature films. Join us on a journey through the rich and immersive universe of Masters of the Universe, where heroes, villains, and epic battles await at every turn.