Collection: Mazinger Z

What is Mazinger Z?

Enter the thrilling world of Mazinger, where the battle between good and evil rages on. Follow the courageous Kouji Kabuto as he pilots the mighty Mazinger Z, humanity's last line of defense, against the nefarious Dr. Hell and his army of Mechanical Beasts. With stakes higher than ever, Kouji must harness the power of Mazinger Z to protect mankind from total destruction.

Mazinger's legacy extends across two captivating manga series, each offering a unique perspective on the epic struggle for survival. Delve into the visionary storytelling of Go Nagai in one series, while exploring the dynamic narrative crafted by his assistant, Gosaku Ota, in the other. With distinct stories and directions, both manga adaptations promise riveting adventures and unforgettable battles.

Join Kouji Kabuto and Mazinger Z as they face their greatest challenges yet in a battle for the fate of humanity. Experience the thrill of action, the drama of conflict, and the triumph of heroism in the legendary saga of Mazinger.