Collection: Robots and Mechas

What are Mechas?

Discover the captivating world of mecha in science fiction, where giant robots or machines, known as 'mecha' (メカ), dominate the landscape. Originally derived from the English loanword 'mechanism' or 'mechanical,' the term has evolved in Japanese to encompass a broader range of piloted humanoid or biomorphic vehicles. While 'robot' (ロボット) refers to a narrower category, mecha include a diverse array of designs, often towering over human beings in size.

In fictional depictions, mecha come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from humanoid to non-humanoid forms. They are a staple of Japanese anime and manga, with subgenres like Super Robot and Real Robot offering different interpretations and levels of realism. Beyond fiction, the term 'mecha' also extends to real-world piloted robotic platforms, including aircraft and other mobile machinery.

Explore the limitless possibilities of mecha as they continue to captivate imaginations in both fiction and reality.