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Pre Order Limited Edition Blitzway Black Voltron + Base Set

Pre Order Limited Edition Blitzway Black Voltron + Base Set

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This set includes both Black Voltron and Base

Limited Edition Black Voltron + Base Limted to 1000pc world wide.

Blitzway proudly presents the formidable “Black Voltron,” enhanced by the power of darkness.

Released as a limited edition with only 1000 units available worldwide, extensive attention to detail was devoted to its development.

From meticulous articulation engineering to the precise depiction of its robust black coloring, every aspect of the Black Voltron underwent careful consideration by Blitzway’s creators.

Each of the five lions, in striking black, red, blue, green, and yellow, can be enjoyed individually in their “Lion State,” or combined to form the mighty “Black Voltron,” faithfully capturing the perfect proportions of the original animation.

With enhanced joint strength ensuring stability and flexibility, coupled with LED lighting in the eyes of each lion for added dynamism, the Black Voltron promises an immersive experience.

Furthermore, true to the signature features of the “Carbotix” line, this limited edition boasts abundant Die-Cast components, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.

Included as a special accessory is the “Blazing Sword” effect part, allowing for dynamic showdowns with the Original Color Voltron.

Which side will you be rooting for?


– Cover Functions of Lions’ Legs (Voltron Mode)
– LED Functions of Lions’ Eyes
– Designed joints for posing various movements of original animation.
– Five (5) Figurines of Standing Voltron’s Pilots
– Details of Pilots seated in the Cockpits 
– Blazing Sword x1
– Blazing Sword effect version x1
– Space Cutter x1
– One (1) Replaceable Roaring Face 

· Battery type :
LR41 x 3ea / CR1220 x 2ea / CR311 x 2ea
*Only CR311 batteries(2ea) are included in this product.




Utilize the dedicated display base for “Black Voltron” to create dynamic and diverse presentations of the character!

This specially crafted base, designed exclusively for “Black Voltron,” features a unique color scheme and offers two display options: the “Lion State,” showcasing the five lions, and the “Robot State,” representing the fully assembled Voltron.

Additionally, the base boasts a concealed feature that many collectors have eagerly anticipated: internal storage functionality. Enclosed within are numerous weapon parts, allowing for versatile play options. The base’s structural design enables neat storage of replaced parts!

With its tailored design, collectors can explore endless customization possibilities, creating their own striking displays of “Black Voltron”!

– Display Stands x 5 (2 Ways)
– Display Base x 1
– Seventeen (17) Various Voltron Weapons
– One (1) Display Base with The Weapon Storage Function


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