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Infinity Studio

Pacific Rim Heavy Mecha Crimson Typhoon (Jaeger) Action Figure

Pacific Rim Heavy Mecha Crimson Typhoon (Jaeger) Action Figure

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Infinity Studio's new sub-brand - is dedicated to recreating every intricate detail from the movie and delivering a premium finished toy of unparalleled quality. In order to reflect the mechs' approximately 80-meter size in the movie, the toy's height approaches 30cm, surpassing the height of mainstream alloy figures on the market.

Crimson Typhoon has six LED light positions distributed throughout its body, including the eyes, reactor, and thrusters, resulting in a stunning statue-like effect when all are illuminated. The mech's frame is made of alloy material, providing a solid and heavy feel. The distinctive three arms of Crimson Typhoon have been meticulously designed, and the two right arms can transform into the spinning wheel and palm forms using replacement parts. The spinning wheels have built-in bearings that allow for extended rotation. The left arm adopts an unprecedented integrated transformation structure, achieving a seamless conversion between palm and weapon without the need for any replacement parts. The mech's feet are equipped with magnets that can be attached to the display base, allowing for a support-free display that is aesthetically pleasing.

Heavy Mecha incorporates the craftsmanship of statue-level detailing into the finished product. The outer armor of Crimson Typhoon undergoes multiple painting processes, hand-painted to recreate realistic weathering and chipped paint effects, resulting in a true "poseable statue." The mech has over 80 warning signs and graffiti markings, all faithfully reproduced using transfer printing technology. As part of the figure, the display base has also received meticulous metallic weathering paintwork, creating a strong sense of unity when displayed alongside the mech.


  • Crimson Typhoon figure
  • Pair of Weapon hand parts
  • 4 Platform scene lights
  • 3 Special effect parts
  • Exclusive display plaque
  • Dedicated display base


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