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Takara Tomy

Diaclone Reboot TM-13 Tactical Mover Argo Versaulter Voyager Unit

Diaclone Reboot TM-13 Tactical Mover Argo Versaulter Voyager Unit

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Many of the Diaclone machines are multi-purpose specifications that can operate on the ground, underwater, and in an ultra-high vacuum, but the Argoversalter specializes in underwater combat maneuvers to the extent that it can be said to be exclusively underwater. It has been developed together with the special mobility unit, Voyager Unit, as a mobile suit. The official name is Argo Versaulter. The body color of the standard model is dark blue.

The drive output of the frame is set high in order to smoothly drive the aircraft in the sea, where water resistance is intense, and in order to achieve even higher mobility, the arms and legs are assisted to drive the arms and legs like the Big Powered GV series. As a result, by using the propulsion injection device of each part together, it performs amazing underwater fighting maneuvers. It is possible to maneuver on the ground, but it is necessary to forcibly remove the propulsion devices of each part and switch to the ground mode with reduced torque.

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