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SJHU S.J.H.U.PROJECT Shin Universal Robot Exclusive

SJHU S.J.H.U.PROJECT Shin Universal Robot Exclusive

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From the Shin Japan Heroes Universe comes a set of transforming figures which can be combined to create the Shin Universal Robot.

Shin Godzilla, Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version, Shin Ultraman, and Shin Kamen Rider are robot toys that miraculously transform and combine. Each figure transforms from its respective original state and can be combined to become Shin Universe Robo, which measures over 9 inches tall. 

It will be a dream combination robot product equipped with a weapon that combines the special beam effect of Ultraman and the dorsal fin of Godzilla and the shield of the AT field of Evangelion. And we also released a special PV in which Shin Universe Robo plays an active role. Hiroshi Butsuda, who has worked on various hero works such as the Super Sentai series and Kamen Rider series, has been invited to direct the PV. 

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