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Takara Tomy

Pre Order Diaclone DA-106 Waruder Legion (Geist)

Pre Order Diaclone DA-106 Waruder Legion (Geist)

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Diaclone DA-106 Waruder Legion (Geist)

Introducing the Diaclone DA-106 Waruder Legion (Geist)! This formidable mobile giant boasts unparalleled destructive power, made complete by the combination of its support mecha, the Hanger Raider, and its variable-type mobile limb, the Legio Core. The Legio Core features a double-jointed arm and an abdominal joint with enhanced articulation, allowing for a wide range of expressive poses. In its final form, the Waruder Legion Geist stands as the largest volume figure in the series, featuring a menacing head unit and massive, stylish limb units.

Included with the figure is a huge weapon, comprised of subdivided parts, which can be customized into various configurations such as a sword, axe, or spear. With a block system featuring 20mm joints, this figure offers versatile reconfiguration options, allowing it to transform between heroic humanoid and deformed creature forms within a single product. The core body seamlessly transforms from two legs to one leg without replacement, and unused units can be stored in the Hanger Raider.

For added playability, this figure can be combined with other Waruder items on the market, allowing for expansive recombination play. Prepare to unleash the might of the Diaclone DA-106 Waruder Legion (Geist) and dominate the battlefield with its unmatched power and versatility!


  • Maruader figure
  • Hanger Raider
  • Legio-Core
  • Waruder Pod
  • Dimension slicer weapon
  • Dimension slicer weapon parts
  • Instruction manual
  • Pamphlet


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