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Transformers MDLX Articulated Figure Series Megatron (G2 Universe) Asia Release

Transformers MDLX Articulated Figure Series Megatron (G2 Universe) Asia Release

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threezero is proud to announce the release of MDLX Megatron (G2 Universe), the supreme leader of the Decepticons. This marks threezero's first release of an MDLX collectible figure in the vivid color scheme and logo from the bombastic Transformers: Generation 2 1990's toyline, complemented by new camouflage decals!

MDLX is a series of articulated figures capturing the spirit of threezero's renown DLX series at a smaller scale with a similar high-range of articulation and enhanced durability, all at a groundbreaking affordable price.

The Transformers MDLX line of figures are based on the 1980s The Transformers cartoon and toy line, as redesigned by threezero Art Director Kelvin Sau. The iconic designs have been remixed to incorporate threezero's hyper-detailed mechanical aesthetic, offering a familiar and exciting new presentation. Transformers MDLX figures feature threezero's unique die-cast zinc alloy and engineer-grade plastic frame system, which enhances the tactile playability and durability of the figure. Each figure is finished off with the detailed craftsmanship and weathered paint application that threezero is known for, bringing the beloved The Transformers characters to a new format for all to enjoy.

MDLX Megatron (G2 Universe) is approximately 7" (18 cm) tall, with approximately 45 points of articulation and a frame of a combination of die-cast metal and engineering plastic. Accessories include one Fusion Cannon, one Back Cannon, and three sets of interchangeable hands.


  • Megatron figure
  • 3 Pairs of hands
  • Fusion Cannon
  • Back Cannon
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