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Takara Tomy

Transformers BWVS-03 Cheetor vs Waspinator

Transformers BWVS-03 Cheetor vs Waspinator

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It is a confrontation set product of "Cheetor", a Cybertron jungle police officer who transforms into a cheetah, and "Waspinator", a Destron aerial attack soldier who transforms into a bee.

From the items released in the Generation series, the coloring has been changed to a premium finish finish, and it is now available in special specifications with realistically reproduced body patterns and colors inspired by CG animation.

Similar to the original toy, the confrontation set with the combination of particularly popular characters is reminiscent of the activities of the main anime.

In the closed box package, a reversible inner sheet is set that reminds you of the confrontation set box at that time, and two character cards are included.

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