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One Piece Chogokin Thousand Sunny Pirot ship

One Piece Chogokin Thousand Sunny Pirot ship

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The Straw Hat Pirates' ship, Thousand Sunny, joins the Chogokin series in a super-satisfying large scale,14.96 inches long and 9.06 inches tall! This definitive collectible of the famed carrack ship incorporates a rotating Soldier Dock System and Gaon Cannon features five mini-machines and removable sidewalls to reveal the interior spaces within! It's a one of a kind portrayal fans won't want to miss. The crossbone parts act as a switch to open the Gaon cannon and the Chicken Voyage rotates!

Box Contents

  • Thousand Sunny
  • Shiro Mokuba
  • Mini Merry
  • Shark Submerge
  • Kurosai FR-U
  • Brachio Tank


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