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Ultimate Muscle Blu-ray (Kinnikuman Nisei)

Ultimate Muscle Blu-ray (Kinnikuman Nisei)

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Ultimate Muscle Blu-ray contains episodes 1-77 of the anime directed by Toshiaki Komura in standard definition on two blu-ray discs.

A Legend Reborn!

Years have passed since King Muscle and the Muscle League Champions vanquished the evil dMp wrestlers. Lacking strength to stand up for itself, the Earth must turn to the Kinniku family. All hope for salvation is in Kid Muscle. He’s been summoned to protect the earth from the group of outer space cheating wrestlers. He must join the Muscle League, a group of earth defending wrestlers from outer space. Can he achieve “Ultimate Muscle” and stop the dMp?

This complete collection contains all 77 episodes in standard definition, with the original English dub!

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